Naked broadband question 2

tictactoe152, Feb 15, 5:47am
do you have to have a desktop computer hooked up to modem to be able to use broadband for other devises like cellphone or laptop

suicidemonkey, Feb 15, 5:52am
Asking multiple (related) questions in the same thread is fine.

And no, you just need a wireless modem/router which your ISP will provide you.

tictactoe152, Feb 15, 5:56am
ok thank you

gabbysnana, Feb 15, 6:09am
then all your devices connect by wifi. your devices will search for your modem which you may have named, then you use your password to connect. you can hook up your lappy, desktop and tv by cable to the modem direct for faster speeds.

mr-word, Feb 15, 9:54pm
The desktop computer is just for configuring a web browser in the router.

fishb8, Feb 16, 12:56am
You will get a faster download speed via a lan cable from modem to deskto.

ross1970, Aug 6, 9:11pm
A web browser on the desktop is used for configuring the web page based setup, served from the router.

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