Seeking Auckland web designer recommendations

cpg, Apr 22, 7:26am
I am looking for a web designer (only) to update our site and also make it mobile friendly. I don't require hosting, domain name registration or any other ongoing monthly fees, I just want a web designer, pay him for the update and leave me to manage the site as I always do with Dreamweaver. All the web designers I've found so far are only interested in a monthly contract. Any recommendation for an Auckland designer ONLY would be appreciated.

vtecintegra, Apr 22, 8:16am
You won't be able to maintain a modern site with Dreamweaver

suicidemonkey, Apr 22, 9:21am
Yep. Any reputable designer will be using their own custom-built backend, or something like Joomla, Wordpress, etc. Nothing that Dreamweaver will be able to maintain.

That's why there are monthly fees. They provide the backend for you to be able to update and manage your website.

petrik, Apr 22, 9:45am
Indeed, we work with WordPress

crosis_nz, Apr 22, 8:02pm
Actually I maintain a number of responsive websites in Dreamweaver. It is not the best choice I agree, but if it is the clients choice it can be done relatively easily.

However given the number of free templates for CMS like Joomla and Wordpress it is getting hard to justify.

jancemord, Jan 22, 9:57am
I am happy to take a look but cannot self promote. Like others have said above it is better to look into a CMS like Wordpress (I am not a Joomla fan due to how its created etc). As it seems it could possibly cost more to make it responsive then re do the whole site

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