I have transferred videos from my camera

to my pictures file online. What is the best/quickest way to send these short (2-4min) videos to someone. I have tried email and facebook but it says files are to big.
I am not very computer savvy.


geek_reppeps1, Apr 14, 4:30 pm

Depends on who they are with, I do it with GMX mail so you can send an email to someone with a link to the file and the recipient can choose to view or download it.

geek_wayne416, Apr 14, 4:45 pm

Dropbox gives you 2gB+
mega.co.nz gives you 50GB
infinit.io gives you unlimited-sized one off transfers.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 14, 5:14 pm

Copy them to a USB stick and post it. If they post it back, it might have their videos on it.

geek_gyrogearloose, Apr 14, 7:05 pm

Reducing video file size will not be an easy thing to explain to someone who says they are not very computer savvy. There are a myriad of ways to do it. None of the ways I know are very simple, not necessarily really hard but more involved that you may want it to be.

Do you know anyone who could come to your house and help?

geek_doggitt, Apr 14, 7:09 pm

Upload the videos to youtube as private video - and send people the link.

geek_mm12345, Apr 14, 8:10 pm

this. Easy to upload, you control who gets to see them, easy peasy.

geek_cookee_nz, Feb 19, 10:22 pm

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