Vodafone and the 3G and 4g global roaming?

Has anyone actually been able to access this service in the designated countries?

geek_footplate1, May 19, 3:47 pm

My mate roamed on 4G in Fiji - said it was even better reception than a local Vodafone SIM from Fiji because it switches between Vodafone Fiji and Digicell. The $5 daily rate is miles ahead of the competition IMO.

geek_kieran211, May 20, 11:34 am

Failed me in France and Malaysia. Many discussions with Vodafone resulted in zilch. Hence wondering about others' experience.

geek_footplate1, May 20, 2:47 pm

The saga continues. Spoke with Vodafone shop on Friday. One assistant said I had to sign in the $5.00 per day. Another said I had to turn in global roaming. He became vague when I raised the issue of high charges for people who turn on data roaming.
Then tried calling Vodafone again. Advice was to turn in data roaming. He was insistent that high charges no longer occurred and that all has been changed.
Question: can this last advice be trusted?

geek_footplate1, May 31, 6:41 pm

So you had data roaming switched off and you expected your data connection to work while roaming?

geek_vtecintegra, May 31, 6:59 pm

Yes. Always turned off to a avoid high charges. Data always downloaded via wifi. Not once, in any of the offshore discusions and exchanges with Vodafone people was I told to turn data roaming on to gain 3G and 4g access. Neither was I told to turn on the $5 pd option. As I have said, every conversation with Vodafone contradicted other conversations.

I merely wanted 3G and 4g offshore to use it as I do here - to access specific sites.

geek_footplate1, Jun 1, 4:09 pm

All the info is on their website: http://www.vodafone.co.nz/daily-roaming/

"There's nothing to set up - Daily Roaming kicks in when you land and use your phone to make or receive a call, send a TXT or use mobile data." - so you don't need to 'turn on' anything

"If you run out of data, you can buy more with Flexi Data, just like at home." - so if you run out of data, it stops until you buy more

"Available on all of our mobile plans currently on sale" - you just need to be on a current plan, not an old one

geek_kieran211, Jun 1, 4:27 pm

Yes, was and am in current plan. As I say, now being told I should have turned on data roaming was a new and contradictory twist. I would happily turn it on but for the risk of big bills.

geek_footplate1, Jun 1, 5:30 pm

Roaming is just a feature so you can well, roam on networks that have an agreement with your telco for your phone to work. So you need to enable it to work properly.

$5/day is great, as it uses your network allowances (data/minutes/txts).

geek_rz_zone, Jun 1, 6:02 pm

geek_rz_zone, Jun 1, 6:23 pm

I fail to see the contradiction - you want to be able to use data while roaming so it should be fairly obvious you need to switch data roaming on.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 1, 6:34 pm

The issue is accessing 3g and 4g in the 30 plus countries advertised as being available.

geek_footplate1, Jun 1, 9:41 pm

It is if you have it switched on.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 1, 9:47 pm

geek_rz_zone, Sep 28, 5:06 am

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