Laptop charging.

My Dell Latitude running Vista gives me the message: 'plugged in, not charging' when I hover over the icon in the toolbar.

The odd thing is that if I remove the battery and keep the charger plugged in, the computer keeps running. So power must be getting through.

I have looked in the power/battery settings on the control panel and there is no change if I alter what setting it is on. It remains at 24%.
I will turn the laptop off and see if there is any difference.

Is there a setting elsewhere that may need altering?


geek_budgel, Apr 22, 2:57 pm

geek_wayne416, Apr 22, 3:33 pm

The system is at least 7 years old now so the battery will be worn out.

Either replace it or just remove it.

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 22, 3:43 pm

Fair enough, but I thought batteries died slowly, this is a sudden problem.

If the battery is stuffed, does one get a 'not charging' message?

geek_budgel, Apr 22, 7:19 pm

After some more research on the net I found out that the plug from the charger that goes into the computer was damaged.
Apparently they have a small chip inside them that communicates with the computer. The battery wont charge, but the computer will still accept the power directly.
I fitted a replacement charger at a fraction of the cost of a new battery and all is good again.

geek_budgel, Aug 16, 11:14 pm

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