Toshiba .cant open cd driver

geek_heaven1, Feb 10, 7:43 am
I have the same problem. I just purchased a Toshiba C-50-B which said "Optical Drive" included. However there is no button to open it, so I'm assuming that it is just a space to put a drive. I'm pretty peed though, as the shop said it did have one. Am I missing something? I've tried all above. grrrrr why put what looks like a drive door there if there isn't one. cheeky buggers . lol

geek_king1, Feb 10, 7:53 am
if it is anywhere

But have also read the b series has none

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 10, 8:00 am
If having a DVD drive is important to you then just take it back

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 8, 3:21 am
The drive tray?
Try the button in the middle.
The other option is, look for the drive letter in Windows Explorer, right-click, eject.

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 8, 3:34 am
Windows key + E
C: will be your HDD or SSD
D: or E: will be your CD/DVD drive

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 8, 6:13 am
Are you sure there is an optical drive? Most modern laptops no longer have them.

geek_iwikiwi, Dec 8, 6:26 pm
I own an 8 year old toshiba notebook satellite and don't know computer talk. HOWEVER!.
If I want to play a CD there is a square button that you have to push in, on the side where you put the CD in. It is on the right hand side, a little square that is level with the side of your toshiba. When you push it in the CD player will pop out.

geek_nice_lady, Dec 8, 6:28 pm
whats the exact model ? It'll be on a sticker underneath .

geek_zaowl, Aug 29, 3:18 am
This. OP please post the model number from the bottom of the unit, there is at least one I am aware of that just has a blanking plate, no drive in the notebook.

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