WTH.whats going on here.

I need your help please. For one I am not computer savvy and I have no idea whats going on here. Internet e brings up the webpage I want but it wont let me search. For example. I get the tm site up go to search for something and it wont let me. I dont get it. It seems to be on every site I go on yet it lets me search on chrome. If I go to search. left click it nothing happens. I must have a problem could someone point me in the right direction to help me fix it. thanks

geek_nzbrat, May 30, 11:14 am

To reset Internet Explorer settings

Close all Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer windows that are currently open.
Reopen Internet Explorer.
Click the Tools button, and then click Internet options.
Click the Advanced tab, and then click Reset. .
In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset.

geek_r.g.nixon, May 30, 11:21 am

Download fresh install setup for chrome and save to desktop>> uninstall chrome >> reinstall from desktop>>open browser >> search and install Adblocker plus>>reboot computer>>open chrome>>open Trademe or something>>right click on search bar>> down to edit search engines>> make google default. Delete all others>>>

geek_terry012, Oct 3, 9:31 pm

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