Help please

Where or what is the best way to get help with tech issues I am willing to learn but need help: I feel like I am missing out!
Tried Spark tech wizard service "no service! "
I pad receives but wont send email
New lap top email set up
apple tv
general upgrade of my knowledge and capability to get more out of my stuff how do you get advice and help

geek_zena1, Jul 3, 8:56 pm

Not being funny but Google and YouTube are your best resources. Plenty of easy to understand step by step tutorials are freely available for almost everything out there.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 3, 9:00 pm

Try, Real techs there who can help.

geek_lythande1, Jul 4, 6:58 am
Scroll down to "The iPad can??t send your mail"

geek_cat286, Jul 4, 9:48 pm


geek_ross1970, Jul 4, 10:11 pm

Go to your library. get out the "Dummies" series of books.

geek_mariner26, Jun 19, 10:22 am

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