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toyota_fan, Apr 16, 3:46am
every time i open google chrome and try to load a web page the page crashes and it keeps doing this and a little popup bottom rite corner keeps comming up low on memory i have done the defrag and disc cleanups prooves nothing i have tried to deleat everything i don't use to free up memory and still keeps crashing chrome is the only browser i have on the computer as i deleated internet explorer to free up space, and this compouter i am on is way to slow so need this problem solved on my other computer it is a old tower type computer any ideas? please and thankyou.

toyota_fan, Apr 16, 4:06am
is there any way to free up more space? or any browsers better than google chrome i could try get into to download?

suicidemonkey, Apr 16, 4:06am
The low memory warning is probably referring to RAM, not your hard drive space. Freeing up drive space won't help with this. Nor will a defrag.

It's likely you have too many programs open and your available RAM is being used up.

You could start by closing some of the programs that run when your computer starts.

You can read about this here: And the easiest way to do it is using CCleaner:

Option 2 is add more RAM.

king1, Apr 16, 5:48am
might also be worth checking the virtual memory settings. I have been to the odd job where it was turned off or hopelessly inadequate.

budgel, Apr 16, 11:24pm
Might also be worth learning how to use punctuation!

cookee_nz, Feb 11, 10:22am
Agreed, it was hard reading. OP, repeat what you wrote back to yourself, the way it's written if you read it word for word it would sound like a monotone or a robot. Imagine you are saying it to someone, and when you pause is most likely where you need to insert a comma, and when you stop for a new sentence is where you break with a full stop. :-) You probably sound fine when you talk but may not think about how it looks to someone else reading.

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