maneqr1, Apr 3, 12:15am
I have a new laptop. I use google chrome as my internet browser on my desk top & on there I have access to my gmail. This is not on my new laptop. Laptop is running on Windows 8.1 - I've googled google chrome but am not only not confident about downloading but am confused! Can some one please help me?

r.g.nixon, Apr 3, 12:23am
Windows 8+ runs both normal 'desktop' programs & modern 'apps'.
You will need to find out if Chrome is available as an 'app', if you like that way of working, otherwise just download and install the 'program'.

king1, Apr 3, 12:35am
last i checked you just needed to go into the chrome settings menu and select desktop mode or app mode. Something like that anyway

maneqr1, Apr 3, 2:29am
Thanks, will give it a go :)

maneqr1, Apr 3, 2:30am
Thanks for helping out - much appreciated :)

maneqr1, Mar 28, 3:05pm
All done :) - thank you for all your help :)

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