Great Wall PSU, good/bad/poor?

microft768, Apr 29, 5:52am
What do you think of Great Wall PSU? Is it a manufacturer (OEM) suddenly turned into a brand name? Or are they two totally irrelevant companies?

galex, Apr 29, 12:29pm
I've had a Great Wall PSU in one of my PCs for about 3 years with no problems [ got it from PBtech]. Unsure of the companies heritage.

schizoid, Apr 29, 12:39pm
for sure it will not perform to its rated wattage. Probably best to think of a 600w great wall as like a 400w good brand PSU.

galex, Apr 29, 12:56pm
Yep,probably right . i don't stress the PC mine is in. Horses for courses etc.

lythande1, Apr 29, 6:50pm
Better to stick with quality. Bad PSUs have a nasty habit of taking out the rest of your components when they go.

Stick with quality - which is what parts are used internally. Antec for instance.

acura, Apr 29, 8:28pm
Interesting how people always seem to skimp on the power supply - like getting a car and not caring what engine you got in there.

nzoomed, Apr 29, 10:12pm
The logo looks the same as great wall auto! lol
Is it the same company?
Apparently alot of Thermaltake power supplies are just rebranded great wall! lol

lostdude, Apr 30, 12:05am
OCZ and Corsair also rebrand Great Walls so don't bother with the brand name, have a look at reviews for the specific PSU you want and base your decision on that. The more reviews the better.

lugee, Apr 30, 2:11am
But the difference is in the support. I doubt you'll have any luck getting Great Wall to honour any warranty. Corsair on the other hand.

lostdude, Apr 30, 3:53am
Which is why I said look at reviews. Most review sites take after sales support into consideration as well.

lugee, Dec 29, 3:21am
Do they? I'm not aware of any that try to get a replacement 4 years down the road.

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