Great Wall PSU, good/bad/poor?

What do you think of Great Wall PSU? Is it a manufacturer (OEM) suddenly turned into a brand name? Or are they two totally irrelevant companies?

geek_microft768, Apr 29, 5:52 pm

I've had a Great Wall PSU in one of my PCs for about 3 years with no problems [ got it from PBtech]. Unsure of the companies heritage.

geek_galex, Apr 30, 12:29 am

for sure it will not perform to its rated wattage. Probably best to think of a 600w great wall as like a 400w good brand PSU.

geek_schizoid, Apr 30, 12:39 am

Yep,probably right . i don't stress the PC mine is in. Horses for courses etc.

geek_galex, Apr 30, 12:56 am

Better to stick with quality. Bad PSUs have a nasty habit of taking out the rest of your components when they go.

Stick with quality - which is what parts are used internally. Antec for instance.

geek_lythande1, Apr 30, 6:50 am

Interesting how people always seem to skimp on the power supply - like getting a car and not caring what engine you got in there.

geek_acura, Apr 30, 8:28 am

The logo looks the same as great wall auto! lol
Is it the same company?
Apparently alot of Thermaltake power supplies are just rebranded great wall! lol

geek_nzoomed, Apr 30, 10:12 am

OCZ and Corsair also rebrand Great Walls so don't bother with the brand name, have a look at reviews for the specific PSU you want and base your decision on that. The more reviews the better.

geek_lostdude, Apr 30, 12:05 pm

But the difference is in the support. I doubt you'll have any luck getting Great Wall to honour any warranty. Corsair on the other hand.

geek_lugee, Apr 30, 2:11 pm

Which is why I said look at reviews. Most review sites take after sales support into consideration as well.

geek_lostdude, Apr 30, 3:53 pm

Do they? I'm not aware of any that try to get a replacement 4 years down the road.

geek_lugee, Dec 29, 4:21 pm

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