Laptop Batteryplaying up

Probably not quite the correct terminology but the battery in my ASUS f501a 2.5 yrs old used to give a message/warning that was low now it just cuts out but when i put it on the charger it shows it still has 60-70% charge .Could this be a battery fault or a computer fault. Thanksin advance

geek_gazzat22, May 8, 10:22 am

Most likely needs a new battery.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 8, 12:20 pm

try taking it out for 5 mins then put it back,

geek_roseyglow, May 10, 3:38 pm

plenty of places to get a new battery for cheap. you dont have to buy a genuine one. the MIL bought a higher capacity batt for her laptop for 1/3 the genuine price

geek_fordcrzy, Dec 5, 4:17 pm

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