Creating Logo's Free Online - Any recommendations?

There are various website that offer to create a logo free online. Has anyone used any of these sites? Any recommendations? Anything to be aware of?

geek_carter441, Feb 18, 3:10 am gives you two free raster to vector conversions.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 18, 4:13 am

Thank you very much - that's really handy to know!

geek_carter441, Feb 18, 5:27 am

Anyone else?

geek_carter441, Feb 19, 10:57 pm

Any suggestions?

geek_carter441, Feb 25, 10:46 pm

I created logo with this and produces vector graphics that can be scaled.

geek_gsimpson, Feb 27, 1:08 am

Thank you folks - I appreciate all feedback! :-)

geek_carter441, Feb 27, 3:36 am

Logos created with those types of tools though usually look like rubbish, and not much better than wingdings/clipart.

geek_richardw13, Feb 27, 3:38 am

Valid point. Really I am wanting "some program or whatever" to write my website name out in, with a catch phrase underneath and then use this for my website and various things I want printed (stickers for packaging etc). I would love to get it done professionally, but hey, there are a lot of things in life I'd love!

geek_carter441, Feb 27, 4:11 am

I use standard programs such as Microsoft publisher or powerpoint to create logos and graphics. Start with a very large custom blank space and get creative. Save as jpg file (or tiff). Secret is to start with the largest custom blank space (in the final shape you intend to utilise your graphic in) to retain sharpness of image as you reduce the size in your website or publications.

Also use photoshop to utilise the "save to web" feature. Maintains sharpness whilst reducing the footprint of the graphics (for quicker loading of your web site).

geek_grb235, Feb 27, 6:30 pm

Thank you. That is very helpful.

geek_carter441, Jun 28, 9:26 pm