Windows driver update - on Youtube.

This pops up frequently. I close it every time. I assume it is to be avoided?

Any means of stopping the pop up? Only displays on Youtube.


geek_footplate1, Mar 3, 2:32 am

Put the word popups into the search box on the left.
Seach & you'll see a post from yesterday linking to ADWCleaner.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 3, 4:15 am

Did that and a load of stuff was deleted. Sadly, also my Google bar in my Explorer which, when reinstalled, won't permit icons to be loaded.

Will do an ask on this issue.

geek_footplate1, Mar 4, 9:32 pm

Sadly, one of the popups still appears.

geek_footplate1, Mar 4, 10:39 pm

The original offender, on YouTube, that is.

geek_footplate1, Jun 17, 11:17 am