Windows Vista Wireless problems

shane038, Apr 6, 7:43am
Hey there I have a Medion laptop running windows Vista sp2, just recently I have started having troubles with my wireless connection, It will lose connection, then I cant connect, then it will connect with limited/local access only. Then I remove the network from the list, reconnect with it and it will work. Then other times I shut down both the Lappy and the modem then restart them both and bingo can be good for ages. I know that this is a problem with Vista but can't seem to fix it.

wayne416, Mar 19, 3:53am
1.Go to control panel.
2.Click on Network connections.
3.Right-click your wireless connection adapter and selection properties.
4.In the general tab, look at the list box in "This connection uses the following items:"
5.Scroll down to the end and try to find the check boxes for Internet protocol. You will find that both check boxes from IPv4 and IPv6 are checked.
6.Remove the check box for IPv6
7.Restart the laptop

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