Fibre install

Hi all . some help plz. ive looked into getting fibre the owner of the place has given permission and ive had a guy come do the scoping and says will be a aerial install but ill also need neighbours permission as the cable will be crossing there boundry. ok no probs but on asking the neighbour im told " sorry no ". (Bastards). so now what ?

geek_trade_menow, Aug 8, 1:54 am

Can't you dig a trench? I did.

geek_trade4us2, Aug 8, 4:13 am

Seems strange that they can't put cable underground so I would check some more

geek_camerong1, Aug 8, 5:15 am

Deposit $10K in your neighbours bank account.

geek_spyware, Aug 8, 8:15 pm

Go to the website and talk to someone on live CHAT. Get a second opinion.
The landlord will need to get the neighbours permission. Landlord would love you to get fibre as it increases the value of the house. And if the landlord deals with it you won't have to have anything to do with the neighbours.

geek_iwikiwi, Aug 8, 8:20 pm

We finally got fibre installed. We have one of those green boxes outside our fence so i thought this will be easy - but no, it went to the nearest power pole, up it, then acrross alongside our telephone line to the house - never heard of my neighbour being asked though. yes it crosses the corner of their property. good luck ps we have this box on the inside wall so I thought your landlord would want to know just where it would be sited, hope you have his permission in writing otherwise he might claim "damage" if you leave.

geek_stelke, Aug 8, 9:28 pm

Chorus are pillocks I have just bought a new home on a shared drive and two neighbours objected I suggested that we then go up the grass with a directional drill at the front of my property and get told no we still need consents. I then get a call mon from a design and build scoaper who is sending a build report to chorus I have formally requested this wednesday and was told service company would be in touch. I then email again today asking what is happening and get told still waiting on the service company grrr. one of the people who has objected is a landlord I have written to all neighbours including the landlord who I found through a title search because chorus refused to give out details one minuite my order is cancelled the next a design and build scoaper is there what the heck is going on here

geek_kiwi191, Aug 8, 9:46 pm

Chorus couldn't guarantee us a vandal proof option for getting the fibre cable down our 41 metre drive. No trenching, no drilling, only stapling it to the bottom of the tin fence. Having our mailbox kicked over was the straw which led us to ask them. "so who is responsible if the cable is vandalised?" and they said 'Guess!". There is the Chorus Standard of stapling it every 300 mms to the fence, enough space to get a hand underneath, which I immediately proved on our neighbour's fence. We cancelled the order straight away.

geek_hazelnut2, Aug 9, 7:43 am

Well just to totally confuse people we had absolutely no problems with our install. Chorus scoped it out answered my questions and made a slight alteration to suit me. That of course is the joys of having a straight forward install with no problems like access etc.

geek_motig, Aug 9, 8:08 am

nothing, in the same position, just refuse consent when they ask. Chorus are basically idiots. My neighbour on a xlease wants fibre, i gave consent, his is aerial crosses my exclsve area. I need cable up the boundary, chorus have the wrong end of the stik, so i withdrew consent, so now nobody gets it until chorus stop being arse wipes.

geek_gabbysnana, Mar 11, 4:58 am

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