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strebo, Mar 2, 6:21pm
6 year old HP6730b laptop.Battery indicator yesterday showed 86% (not charging). This morning showed 84% (no charging). Does this mean the battery is on its way out and need replacing? If so, what would be approximate cost of new battery?

r.g.nixon, Mar 2, 8:08pm

eejay2, Mar 3, 5:14am
Hi, there are batteries for sale on trade me, just type in (battery HP Compaq 6730b) into the search in all categories.

strebo, Mar 3, 8:58am
Thanx 4 that

mousiemousie, Mar 3, 6:44pm
Same thing happened to me (different Laptop) so brought new battery, didn't fix problem. Turned out the wee pin inside the charger plug on laptop was loose. I would check that first before spending money on a new battery.

cookee_nz, Jun 20, 11:07pm
Yes to this, it pays to confirm that the charger is working. Does it show charging in the system tray?, or another easy way to check is to unplug the charger, the will change the icon in the system tray but more noticeably the LCD should dim slightly, and brighten when you plug it back in, some models may also beep with disconnection. If there is no change then you may have a failed AC adapter in which case once the battery runs down that's it until you replace the charger.

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