Alternatives to current TV, phone and internet

brummoi, Nov 7, 9:27pm
I'm currently paying $200 pm to Vodafone for unlimited broadband, fairly basic cable TV package and a landline. Don't want to give up the unlimited broadband but the landline could probably go as well as the Sky TV. That said, would still like to be able to access free to air channels and whatever else might be available at lower cost. I'm not sure how netflix works. I'm sure others have been down this route before so wouls appreciate any suggestions. Cheers

brummoi, Nov 7, 9:28pm
Although our main TV is cable, we have a working dish on the roof that feeds freview to the bedrooms

greyman55, Nov 8, 3:35am
Orcon $95 month unlimited broadband , Freeview box for free to air, Netflix depends if you want NZ Netflix or overseas Netflix , varying prices due to exchange rate but much cheaper than Sky

brummoi, Jul 8, 5:16am
Sounds interesting. Stupid question warning but how do I get Netflix or other internet-sourced content from the computer to a non-smart TV? I have a chromecast and wifi. Is that enough?

I understand overseas Netflix is much better. ?

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