What were they thinking?

nzoomed, Mar 10, 2:42am
Even in 1994 internet was available and $1500 was almost enough to buy a new computer. Who would have wasted money on this?

gyrogearloose, Mar 10, 3:09am
Ha, I had one of those in the trial, I've got a suburban newspaper photo in the archive somewhere showing me using it. There was only ever about a dozen shops participating. The best thing about it was having my manager's daughter babysitting, afterwards we could see she'd been on the phone for nearly 3 hours.

-mung-, Mar 10, 3:44am
I thought you were talking about their outfits. Indeed, what where they thinking.

remmers, Mar 10, 4:46am
Interesting that she says it would be useful for over 60s as they are not very mobile!

nzoomed, Mar 10, 5:58am
Did it actually connect over a dial up internet connection or was it a private network that retail partners had to join?

gyrogearloose, Mar 10, 7:22am
It was a bank of dial-up modems, nothing to do with the internet. The company I worked for did the back-end and passed the transactions to the retailers, and if I recall correctly ASB Bank was one of the partners and since none of the developers in Christchurch had ASB accounts I got asked to help with the transaction testing.

nzoomed, May 31, 11:16pm
OK i was wondering if it was something along those lines.

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