Taskbar problem

geek_budgel, Feb 4, 8:14 pm
The taskbar at the bottom of the screen on my laptop running Vista has somehow
become thicker--- 3 lines deep instead of one. I hover the cursor over the edge and get the little double arrow, but cant drag it smaller. How do I reduce its size?


geek_wayne416, Feb 4, 8:26 pm

geek_budgel, Feb 4, 9:07 pm
Thanks, but like the second reply in the link you posted, it doesnt work for me.

geek_d.snell, Feb 4, 9:40 pm
you need to right click it, unlock it, and in toolbars tab, untick all ticked toolbars. After that is done, then try to resize it by dragging.

geek_budgel, Sep 6, 11:51 pm
Ok, thanks.

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