Powerpoint + MP3 music for dad's funeral. How do

cameron-albany, Feb 27, 8:58am
I turn the whole package into a useable presentation on a CD that I can send to family overseas?

I did a lovely PPT preso with about 80 photos of my beloved dad and carefully added 3 x tracks from the iTunes library to go with the sequence of pictures. It was played today at my dad's funeral. Everyone loved it and there wasn't a dry eye. It took me ages but I am really proud of myself that I got it right in the end !

Now I would love to be able to transfer the presentation (with music) to a CD so I can send it as a small package to the UK for dad's brothers. But I don't think it's a simple matter of saving the thing to a CD because the music isn't actually embedded into the PPT slide show. So I would only end up with the pics.

Can anyone suggest what I could do ? I've googled it and come up with a few possibilities (changing music files from MP3 to WAV file is one of them ? ) but I don't want to spend time if that won't work. I thought I might ask here first before I admit defeat (which I hate doing!) and heading off to a techie person at the camera store or somewhere.

Any ideas appreciated. Thank you :-)

r.g.nixon, Feb 27, 9:26am
I think Powerpoint has a "pack and go" option - that might combine it all into one file, not certain though.

sqidlie, Feb 27, 9:26am
There are programs that allow jpg to form a slideshow
Each image can be controlled as to how long it is "put up" for
The transition from one image to the other can be controlled as well
Now the sound track can be added and on some programs, the "video" length can be set to the length of the sound track(s)
Once the whole projects finished the output format can be selected as to how you wish to save it, AVI will suit most people

cameron-albany, Feb 27, 9:33am
OK - thanks both of you. I'll investigate a bit more tomorrow. Cheers. :-)

sqidlie, Feb 27, 9:36am
Windows movie Maker maybe already installed on your PC laptop
see if you have it
Plenty of youtube instructions how to use it too

soodanim, Feb 27, 9:53pm
Powerpoint have an "export" option depending on what version you use.
Or you can get the powerview viewer and just copy all the files onto a cd. (including the viewer.)

budgel, Jun 25, 10:07am
My condolences for your Dad. What a nice thing to do.

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