Transfer word file from computer to tablet help.

Hi, oldie here trying to upskill, I have recently bought a tablet, just a cheap Nextbook one. I am trying to transfer a word document (it is Eureka Office) to the tablet. I have dragged and dropped it into the tablet box (in My Computer) on the computer screen. Now I can only find the file if I go onto the tablet and go into Settings, Storage, and on the right hand side under Misc. I can see the file name. But I can't open the file. I have tried google but can't find the answer. Can anyone please enlighten me :) Thanks in advance :)

geek_bluebell21, Aug 15, 12:15 pm

Have you tried emailing it to yourself as an attachment, and then opening the attachment on your tablet?

geek_cafc2012, Aug 15, 2:21 pm

Fantastic, that works a treat! Thanks for your help :)

geek_bluebell21, Feb 14, 10:52 pm

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