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I keep getting breakthrough ad sounds (usually for panadol) come through my computer, no pics or video just sounds. Clearly I have downloaded something bad. I have ccleaned, done a disc cleanup and defrag and have Panda 2015 internet security done scans and clean ups and its still there. I have looked at what I have recently downloded and uninstalled anything I dont need. What else can I do please? Thanks for you help in advance :-)

geek_salniamh, Jun 1, 9:55 am

if you close down all windows does it still do this?
if you restart without opening any programs does it still do this?

geek_king1, Jun 1, 12:37 pm

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 1, 12:37 pm

Yes its been doing it for a couple of days now and both - when I have website tabs open and when nothing is open

geek_salniamh, Jun 1, 12:52 pm

Thanks I'll give that a go

geek_salniamh, Jun 1, 12:53 pm

I did a several hours onslaught of scans and removal tools - adwcleaner, hitman pro, junkware, mawarebytes, ccleaner, my panda scans, and so far (touch wood) I havent heard anything break through.

thanks for you help :-)

geek_salniamh, Sep 29, 11:28 am

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