Outlook Scam or is it?

mrsrickp, Feb 27, 12:49am
I received an email yesterday saying that outlook was doing an upgrade. Does this sound right? I have tried Google and nothing shows up. I have put it in my Junk folder for now. Has anyone else had this?

We are conducting a compulsory verification due to recent upgrade in our database. Please, reconfirm your email account so that it will be recorded in our new database system.
We need you to reply and fill in the information below within one week, or you will lose your account permanently.

*Date of birth
*Alternative Email
*Country or Territory.

Here are some ways to help you manage your account after you reconfirm it.

When you click or open a message, you??

munchnz, Feb 27, 12:55am

munchnz, Feb 27, 12:56am
It looks like a scam so did a search for first line of your email and the very first result from microsoft: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-osend/email-from-outlook-team-asking-to-verify/bfc8794e-450f-4c01-afc1-39be7939cf40

mrsrickp, Feb 27, 1:07am
munchnz. thank you so much. I tried Google but obviously didn't put in the right bits. I have put it in my junk and will now go and delete it. Once again, thank you for you expertise, it is very much appreciated :)

lythande1, Feb 27, 2:02am
Right. if it was being updated it would be done so as part of the updates your pc does.

And explain why they would need personal details, they couldn't care less who you are. only scammers want stuff like that.
Come on, common sense.

jubre, Feb 27, 2:28am
As Paul Henry would say: Barstards.

oclaf, Jun 30, 3:52am
Any email with a variation of that theme can be instantly dismissed as a scam attempt.

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