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salniamh, Aug 16, 7:30am
I just got a new TV that has Freeview built in and has satellite/aerial connectors. It was advertised as ???no more need for a set top box??? I attached the satellite lead to the TV and it couldn't find a signal. Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong? The TV is a Samsung 5 5000 smart TV. Thanks

salniamh, Aug 16, 7:33am
It is Samsung UA40J5500 40"

brapbrap8, Aug 16, 9:58am
Generally inbuilt tuners will only work with an aerial, satelite will probably need a set top box still.

mariner26, Aug 16, 10:07am
Guess the TV has both terrestrial and satellite tuners.
Follow the instructions in the quick setup manual, select which aerial you wish to use to bring in your signal then enter "Go" (or similar). The setup, tuning in of all channels etc should then proceed automatically.
Has the satellite cable been used before with your previous set - connected via a Freeview set top box? How do you know that the satellite cable and dish etc actually works.
You are in Wellington - why can you not use a terrestrial aerial and receive the HD signals?

salniamh, Aug 16, 8:35pm
Yes I bought it as it said SAT and UHF receiver in the TV, no need for set up box. I'm in Welly but don't have an aerial, just a dish, which I have been using for both TVs until now, so I know the cable works. I got it going on this TV with a set top box. But I paid $200 or so more for the TV that said "no need for a set top box" so would quite like to get it to work. I have gone through the auto set up several times but it says "no signal found".

gyrogearloose, Aug 16, 10:57pm
This page

says your TV has "DVB-T/C/Analog tuner". However for satellite in New Zealand I think you'd need a DVB-S tuner.

What you're thinking maybe a dish input might be for cable, DVB-C.

pyro_sniper2002, Aug 16, 11:37pm
Yeah it doesn't look like that TV has a sat tuner.

If you own the house, the best option is to get a freeview antenna put up, the picture quality over antenna is much much better than over satellite.

salniamh, Aug 17, 1:08am
What sort of cost do you think that would be? I'm pssed cos i paid more for this model because they said I could tune in with dish cable, and it cost aboout $200 more

salniamh, Aug 17, 1:10am
It gives me these options when I tune Terrestrial, Satellite and Freeview Sat

salniamh, Aug 17, 1:19am

pandai, Aug 17, 4:54am
If you have 2 separate aerial connections on the back it will likely have a satellite tuner.

Does the dish antenna need to be powered?

salniamh, Aug 17, 4:56am
I'm not sure if it needs to be powered, but I have gone through just about everything with the samsung tech man and it isnt working so back to the set top box :-(

trade_menow, Aug 17, 5:12am
your tv doesnt have a built in tuner - so you'll need a set top box

and going by the specs - its not even freeview Compliant

Take it back and get something else

salniamh, Aug 17, 5:38am
So why would it say this in Noel Leeming and Dick Smith?

gyrogearloose, Aug 17, 6:23am
That website you quoted says "No" against every feature!

You'd think the Samsung product manager would double check the claims the retailer makes.

salniamh, Aug 17, 6:35am
Exactly - cos it does have usb ports and wifi and wireless network and hdmi etc etc - that I can confirm. Dick Smiths had the same notice that I took a photo of - because I was pixting to my daughter at the time. But is confirmation that they claim that is does actually have a satellite receiver. I have also spent most of today on the phone to Samsung who cannot understand why it wont pick up a signal. So, I am at a loss. I guess my only option now is to contact Noel Leeming tomorrow and see what they can suggest. I think that my dish must be OK as I have got everything going using the set top box, that I thought I was going to be able to do away with (as was advertised).

gyrogearloose, Aug 17, 6:37am
I have to say that the Samsung NZ website

does say your model is DVB-T/S2 capable. And the manual shows the satellite connection. The NZ freeview broadcasts are DVB-S rather than DVB-S2 but I believe it's backwards compatible.

Therefore I'd suggest you haven't configured the LNB frequency correctly, or perhaps not enabled the power to the LNB, or you have a splitter in the aerial path that isn't passing the power from the leg you've connected the TV to. But I think the TV is capable of Freeview Satellite if you configure it properly.

edit: hook up the set top box and look in the configuration for the LNB frequency. Then, swap the dish aerial to the TV, and go into the TV setup and use the same LNB frequency.

salniamh, Aug 17, 6:45am
I do have a splitter, but I have 2 TVs so if I just have one cable to this TV only I guess I'm no better off as I wont be able to get freeview in my bedroom (set top box there also). But, you may have hit on the issue though. The samsung man tried the LNB frequency at diffenrent levels and it still came up with 0%. Hmmmm. I wish I'd just gone with the cheaper TVs with the same spec ex this one lol

salniamh, Aug 17, 6:47am
"hook up the set top box and look in the configuration for the LNB frequency"
How do I do this?

gyrogearloose, Aug 17, 7:00am
Dunno, I thought you must know how the set top box was hooked up.

You won't really need to connect the aerial, you should be able to look at the setup for LNB frequency without the aerial.

spyware, Aug 17, 7:09am
Try thinking, if you can't then call an installer. But as previously stated the sat signal is standard definition only and seriously substandard so using an antenna is a much better option.

P.S. The 5500 is the an el cheapo model.

salniamh, Aug 17, 7:10am
Thanks, but no need to be rude - if you dont want to help, thats fine, no problem.

salniamh, Aug 17, 7:11am
Thanks again for your opinion. I am quite aware of how much it cost.

salniamh, Aug 17, 7:13am
It ok thanks for your help. I'll get help from an aerial tech person.

spyware, Aug 17, 7:16am
Its like helping the blind race at Le Manns. You've been given all the clues, LNB power, different LNB local oscillator frequencies, e.g., 10750 MHz, 11300 MHz. Freeview uses specific transponder frequencies e.g., 12456 and 12483 MHz. All this information can be found via Freeview forum or by simply googling - or by examining your set top box.

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