Naked broadband

Who has the best naked broadband deal. I am wanting to get rid of my home phone but still want to keep the internet, preferably with unlimited data.

geek_gan, Aug 2, 4:18 pm

i am researching this also
unlimited internet is a isp i is anyone with unlimitted on here?

geek_intrade, Aug 3, 8:21 pm

with unlimited on snap . now that 2degrees have taken over they claim "no traffic management etc".

geek_gibler, Aug 3, 8:22 pm

no unlimited is the isp name lol
unlimited internet see below haha.

geek_intrade, Aug 3, 8:28 pm

You seem to pay the same if not a bit more for naked than what you do with a home phone

geek_newbie5, Aug 3, 8:41 pm

Unlimited naked VDSL with Vodafone. $79 per month with a Vodafone mobile on account. $89 without.

Get 35Mb down and 25 Mb up

geek_jon9, Aug 4, 12:19 am

I pay that now $79 for 80 gig with a home phone

geek_newbie5, Aug 4, 4:15 pm

I just got 80gig from Vodafone for $59 with mobile
Saved $20 by getting rid of the homeline that is hardly used so now just use the mobile

geek_newbie5, Aug 4, 7:46 pm

so no one is with unlimited huh?
unlimited is the name of a isp not a data plan question.
i am thinking unlimited or slingshot or 2 degrees
these are the 3 , i am still with snap whom no longer exist i just pay the price

geek_intrade, Mar 27, 10:20 pm

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