Xtra Abuse inbox - Sorry we can no receive

Happened to try to lodge an abuse complaint against an xtra account being used by foreign scammers today & what comes back ? - try this:

From Mail Administrator:

"This is a system generated message. Please DO NOT REPLY.

Your message was not delivered for the following reason:

The user(s) account is temporarily over quota.

(removed the Xtra security email address from here)

Kind regards.

The Xtra Messaging Team"

Bahahaha - what ? - the Email Box for all the Xtra abuse complaints is over quota . LOL ;-)

Nice to know that Xtra use other mail server sites - what's wrong with using the Xtra email boxes, like everyone else on Xtra mail does ? ;-)

geek_tmg, Apr 15, 10:59 pm

Xtra is just Yahoo Mail. And due to the amount of complaints I see about the service, I generally recommend people switch to Gmail.

Setting up an e-mail forward makes the transition simple. People can still send e-mails to your Xtra address during the transition period.

Just my 3c.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 15, 11:04 pm

The abuse@xtra is being misused by anti p2p companies who send copyright complaints. When abuse address is for network spam and hacking complaints.

geek_mr-word, Feb 16, 11:27 am

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