I keep getting a warning message

on my All-in-one HP, from Windows Activation Technologies, that says I am not running genuine Windows. I've had the computer for a couple of years and purchased it with Windows 7 pre-loaded. Is this a scam?

geek_eagles9999, Jun 5, 11:02 am

Right click "My Computer" and select "Properties"
In there you will see if it is activated or not.

geek_kew, Jun 5, 12:21 pm

Was it new when you bought it?

geek_king1, Jun 5, 1:23 pm

It is activated

geek_eagles9999, Jun 6, 11:44 am

Yes bought from Dick Smith

geek_eagles9999, Jun 6, 11:45 am

Then yes, it is a scam. Had a quick look on Google and there are a number of solutions for getting rid of it.

geek_kew, Jun 6, 12:07 pm

if you have 'repaired' windows using someone elses install disk you could end up with this,

If you have had a hard disk meltdown which has been replaced and reinstalled (using other than the original media) you could potentially have the activation issues.

In both of those cases there should be a links to follow for more info, iirc there a genuinecheck file that ms get you to run.

If it wants money for these checks then it is without doubt a scam.
If none of the above apply then it is also likely a scam

geek_king1, Sep 12, 10:57 pm

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