Does Anyone Know How to Completely Uninstall

dee238, Feb 20, 7:19pm
Cucusoft Net Guard from my computer. I have uninstalled it from Programs, but it is still in my c:\. I know if I just delete it, it will still be there. Does anyone know of any safe way that I can get rid of it completely please? I use Windows 7 (not sure if you need to know this though). TIA.

mouse_y, Feb 20, 7:23pm
Revo Uninstaller

r.g.nixon, Feb 20, 7:40pm
Yeah, that'll do it.

wayne416, Feb 20, 8:54pm
If you have removed it through programs reinstall it so Revo can see it then use Revo free to get rid of it.

dee238, Feb 21, 5:56pm
Thank you for the above. One other thing before I download Revo Uninstaller - will I be able to uninstall this once it has done its job? Again, thank you.

gasaxe, Jul 20, 11:30pm
Yes it can be uninstalled but it doesn't do anything unless asked so does no harm if left on your computer. There is also a portable version that can be used from a USB stick.

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