My trademe account

hasy, Apr 11, 12:44am
On your trademe accont is their anywhere you go to stop buyers from putting the money into 'my trademe account'?


wayne416, Apr 11, 12:48am
You can only do that, buyers can only pay into where you want. To pay into your 'trademe' account they must know your password.

newbie5, Apr 11, 3:01am
I think you might mean your paynow account. that is where the money goes when a buyer pays by credit card. then in about 2 days it transfers to your bank account.
If you want to stop that then you need to cancel paynow.from your auctions

hasy, Apr 13, 1:33am
Thanks for the advice. I will see how to cancel paynow from my auctions

suicidemonkey, Apr 13, 1:33am
You don't need to cancel it, just untick is as a payment option when you start the auction.

I personally use it as it gives buyers another payment option.

hasy, Apr 13, 1:48am
Thanks suicidemonkey I was just in the 'trademe sell' part and could not find the place 'mber2' was advising now I see it is in the payment options paynow PN.
Thanks once again gladly appreciated.

newbie5, Feb 22, 9:13pm
You will find you make more sales offering PayNow as payment is instant to your account then in 2 days it gets transferred to your bank account

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