Which tablet for games

shandiex, Mar 24, 9:39pm
i am looking for a tablet for my mother who is 80 yrs to play bejewelled on. Yep you heard me right, she has worn out her phone playing the game so thought I would buy her a tablet off of here to enable her with her addiction. lol. Any suggestions which one to buy as that is all she will play on it.

_drdee_, Mar 25, 12:44am
What was the phone?

I would suggest a Nexus7 (about the best value for decent HD screen and decent GPU for gaming).
Or an iPad if money is not an issue.
Ultimate gaming tablet (outside a high end surface pro) would be a nVidia Shield, but probably overkill.

shandiex, Apr 21, 3:24am
The phone was a Samsung Galaxy iPad too expensive just for her to play Bejewelled on. Will look at the pricing for Nexus7.

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