Any Spark issues in Auckland

Tonight? Able to access 3G but not email.

geek_footplate1, Jun 8, 9:43 pm

Seems to be, 260 reports at 9 o'clock
According to down detector

geek_shall, Jun 8, 9:59 pm

Thanks. Wasn't sure if it was my modem and line in. Wet weather plays hell with our lines into the house.

geek_footplate1, Jun 8, 10:09 pm

55 mins · Edited ·
We've been getting reports of a broadband outage affecting customers in Auckland and Northland. Not the best way to spend a Sunday night, we know. ??? Our techs are on the job now, please hang tight. We're sorry for the hassle.


geek_rz_zone, Sep 6, 5:19 pm

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