Laptop COMS battery.

michelangelo135, May 1, 11:27pm
My laptop won't remember the time and date anymore, so I open the back and changed with a new CR2032 battery. But the problem remains. Any ideas? The battery was bought brand new.

r.g.nixon, May 2, 1:28am
Battery upside down?

michelangelo135, May 2, 2:32am
No, I have checked it. Positive up, as in most cases.

lostdude, May 2, 3:41am
Have you confirmed the battery is good? Check the use by date on the package then test with a multimeter. Bios up to date? Check date/time in bios as well.

r.g.nixon, May 2, 5:26am
Years ago, when I had a dodgy battery, I used to run this
There is a switch that allows it to run invisibly and then close (found on a forum. may be hard to find now),

king1, May 2, 5:46am
Might be a dumb question but I presume you have actually set the new time in windows after changing the battery

michelangelo135, May 2, 8:04am
When I changed the time in Windows, that would update the BIOS?

michelangelo135, May 2, 8:06am
I did. Was it the right thing or wrong to do. I don't need to set the time in BIOS?

d.snell, May 2, 8:09am
no, set it in windows and that will update the bios.

d.snell, May 2, 8:17am
1st thing to ascertain is, is the RTC chip working or not. Easiest way to test.
Start computer and go to BIos. Set Time and date. Save settings and then turn laptop off.
Wait 10 minutes, turn on laptop and go to BIOS again. Check Time and Date. If reverted back, RTC chip on motherboard probably shot. If OK then let windows run.
Shut down windows and wait 10 mins. Start again to windows and check time and date.
If OK then have a beer and relax, If reverted, then a routine in Windows is causing it. This can be a few different causes from badly written software such as games or a virus. Check everything and eliminate processes until cause is identified.

michelangelo135, Dec 17, 8:01pm
Great, I give a go tonight. Thanks.

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