Help opening pdf, windows 8.1 please

im trying to open some pdf attachments that have been emailed to me. it opened the first one fine but when i try and open a different file it still comes up with the first one i opened. I've saved the individual files to my computer, closed down the pdf reader (microsoft office) and tried to open a different one again. every pdf file displays the first file i originally opened. they open fine on my phone. can anyone help?

geek_nzgrooverider, Feb 19, 8:29 am

try adobe reader, double check you are opening a different document

geek_king1, Feb 19, 8:38 am

Get Foxit and use it instead of the default reader

geek_flower_tears, Feb 19, 8:38 am

I prefer Sumatra PDF Reader. Smaller, faster, safer.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 19, 8:46 am

You need to move the mouse cursor around the edges of he screen so the popup preview window appears for the presently open file - in this case the PDF document. Then when the PDF file appears by the cursor carefully move the mouse cursor onto the desired PDF document of your choice to Maximise. Try the top left corner of the screen and moving the cursor to the icons on the lower left of he screen for previews of open files.

geek_olack, Feb 19, 11:30 am

cool thank you!

geek_nzgrooverider, Feb 19, 1:47 pm

take your time learning to find your way around Windows 8.1

geek_olack, Jul 26, 9:54 am

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