Ok. So, I don't have a PC anymore. But I would.

like to watch a movie on my Samsung Tab S. So, why can't I go to the video store and hire a USB stick preloaded with a movie the same way as I do with a disc for a DVD player. Is it too hard to do or not cost effective, or not enough demand. I would have thought that with more and more people buying tablets and Phablets without disc capability, then preloaded USB's would be the way to go. Most TV's take a USB stick, so who needs a DVD player anymore? OK, there is Netflix and others (that suck up your data) but, is there a market for preloaded USB drives with movies and TV shows? Your toughts.

geek_bambam, Jul 31, 8:58 am

no market - streaming is far more convenient
and usb sticks don't last

geek_king1, Jul 31, 9:20 am

USB sticks are read/write - the video store would be continually having to reload the content and clean up viruses. And once they rented one copy, you'd make a copy for a friend, and the store would struggle due to the lack of copy protection.

edit: I think the video stores are doomed - there's a growing userbase with 4K televisions and yet the stores don't have a single piece of 4K content.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jul 31, 10:10 am

Plus not all tablets can read media from a USB stick. and maybe tablets use different connections, not always USB.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 31, 10:24 am


both of upper hutt's video stores have closed within a fortnight of each other, one of them even sold all their stock at "bargain basement" type prices - even writing off all their debt from overdue customer fees etc

geek_pcmaster, Jul 31, 10:56 am

Will there even be dvd/blueray with 4K content? I did read somewhere that a 4k capable blueray DVD standard was being tested, but can't find it now.

geek_duggin, Jul 31, 5:58 pm

simply swapping one form of physical media for another (inferior one), and all that goes with it.

geek_-mung-, Jul 31, 6:05 pm

Yes, the standard was formalised a couple of months ago. Sony, Panasonic, Samsung etc have all made players. Discs will follow. Think most will be out for the Xmas shopping season. You'll need a 4k TV though ????

geek_jon9, Jul 31, 10:39 pm

Because for about $10 people can get Netflix on their tablets. Complete waste of tube to have usbs within films loaded on. The market would be tiny.

geek_..pip.., Apr 16, 3:03 pm

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