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Ok, I am not super computer savy, so please help if you can in simply words!
When I open Chrome, I get opening up instead of my homepage.
I have looked at my settings and still have my homepage there, it's just when I first open up my browser it goes to mysearch123.
Have looked at my programs and cannot find it to delete.
Have searched 'my computer' and don't see it.
I use Avast virus protection free edition.
I am still using Vista.
Any help to get rid of it is appreciated, thanks.

geek_tgray, Jul 5, 4:01 pm

geek_rz_zone, Jul 5, 4:24 pm

do both, adwcleaner first

geek_king1, Jul 5, 4:37 pm

Did both and detected 1664 threats!
Also got rid of thanks.

geek_tgray, Jul 5, 6:38 pm

Download fresh setup files for Chrome. uninstall original and reinstall.

geek_terry012, Jul 6, 7:48 am

that won't always work

geek_nice_lady, Jul 6, 8:07 am


geek_dudekrulz, Jun 18, 4:52 pm

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