Is windows 7 a good programme for a learner.than

delmic, Feb 10, 3:14am
is this simple enough for a learner or is another number better. thanks

newbie5, Feb 10, 3:21am
Win 7 is the best OS at the moment .
For a learner stay away from win 8

valentino, Feb 10, 3:28am
Had a wee giggle here, Window 8.1 or later is the one to learn then window 7 is totally easy to use in comparison.

Windows 10 looks interesting though, have not seen this yet but reading comments.

d.snell, Feb 10, 3:47am
The only people who have difficulty learning Win 8.1 are those who are used to 7, Vista or XP. Those who actually start on 8.1 have no issues with understanding and working with it.

mazdasix, Feb 10, 4:02am
Win 8 is no different to 7 if you get rid of the tiles

delmic, Feb 10, 5:04am
I have been on XP. is windows 7 easy to adapt to thanks

rcd, Feb 10, 7:21am
yes and thats from someone who made that same jump, i did install classic shell & also thunderbird for email other wise no issues, i would also add whatever pc it is installed on make sure it has at least 4gb of ram minimum.

skin1235, Feb 10, 7:37am
if your hardware is compatible for win7 then I highly recommend you at least try it
I took ages to move from win3.1 to win98 se, took even longer to go to xp, then refused to try any other until just recently when a replacement computer came with win7 installed
the only noticeable change is that win7 is way faster, feels the same to use, everything is where I'd expect to find it etc

delmic, Feb 10, 7:45am
thanks folks. especially skin what I wanted to hear

hakatere1, Aug 26, 11:29pm
Pretty much it. I do enjoy 7 but.

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