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falsin, May 1, 8:40am
I'm thinking of changing my from Spark to 2 degrees and would welcome comments, thanks

wayne416, May 1, 8:49am

suicidemonkey, May 1, 9:10am
Both are good.

Might help to know more specifically what sort of information you're wanting?

Spark has superior coverage to 2Degrees, but Spark is generally more expensive.

standard, May 1, 9:24am
Been with 2 degrees for at least 4 years, just wonderful, no complaints

antonknee18, May 1, 9:25am
I've been with 2degrees since they opened the doors. I was with Spark previously and wouldn't go back.

2degrees' current plans are awesome for value, and if you're on Pay Monthly (postpaid) you can get a phone on 24 months interest free with no fees.

veronica94, May 1, 9:25am
I have been with 2 Degrees for a few years - far preferable.

Skinny is also cheap, but (I have found) 2 Degrees has slightly better coverage.

falsin, May 1, 9:37am
I've been with spark/telecom forever but they've annoyed me a few times recently, anyway I looked at the 2degrees $49 plan and thought it just looks too good so I'm just wanting to hear anything about them, good or bad !

suicidemonkey, May 1, 10:03am
Skinny uses the Spark network which has far better coverage than 2Degrees/Vodafone in my experience.

cube_guy, May 1, 10:08am
2 Degrees' $49 plan is the exact same as Spark's $59 plan, except with Spark you get a free Spotify Premium account, as well as 1GB per day of data from any of their Wifi telephone boxes around the country. I've been with my 2 degrees coming up 2 years, and my only gripe is that their 4G network is still lacking compared to both Vodafone and Spark. I would expect every major network to be able give me 4G at the locations where I live and where I work in Christchurch, but I don't get it with 2Degrees.

Both Spark and 2Degrees do the 24 month interest free thing with phones too, not just 2Degrees.

All in all, have been very happy with 2Degrees.

mojo49, May 1, 10:09am
Been with 2Degrees just over a year ex Spark. Rural coverage via Vodafone network not quite as good as Spark, but 2Degrees Carryover plan is great for data and minutes. No complaints.

rua69, May 1, 10:10am
Coverage depends on location. I was with 2degrees happily for years until I started working in a part of town with poor reception. I switched to Skinny which was much better until the local cell site started getting congested.

There are coverage maps on each carrier's website.

dee238, May 1, 6:02pm
Same. I use the Top-Up, but it only costs me $0.09c for a text. Used the same mobile in Australia and States - no problem - and it was the cheapest rate.

sandee16, May 1, 8:59pm
2 degrees is GREAT

honeysacat, May 1, 9:44pm
2 degrees is the most reliable network I have ever known.

ianalice1, May 1, 11:08pm
Sorry, have to put my plug in for Skinny, as a very small fish.
Been with them a couple of years after Telecom 025 days.
Find them very good and all their plans seem good, value for money.
They are a great company.
Top ups only $5, I think and sims a couple.
Well worth trying, at their prices.

brycer, May 1, 11:14pm
2 degrees all the way. Remember it is only because these guys arrived here that there was any 'real' competition, and they are the sole reason we now have reasonable pricing. Previously to 2 degrees arriving, NZ was the most profitable country in the whole world for vodafone.
I for one will always support 2 degrees because of this, even tho other plans might be a few dollars cheaper for a month or two. and their customer service is answered in NZ within seconds if you need them.

chito, May 1, 11:16pm
I have had a dual sim phone for years traveling around NZ. There are only a few places where Skinny has no signal while 2 degrees has, and vice versa. I use Skinny on the $16/mth plan full time, unless there's no coverage, then I can use 2 degrees.
I would swap over full time to Skinny if they had overseas roaming.
That's the other advantage with Chinese dual sim phones, you can buy a local sim overseas while keeping your NZ sim and number for people to text or ring you.

z-man, May 2, 11:06am
Been with 2degrees for a few years and wouldn't go back to Spark / Telecom. Customer service is awesome. and anyway Skinny is owned by Spark.

scorpian92, May 2, 11:15am
2degrees are awesome, love the rollover too.
The only problem I have is I cant send and receive pic's? don't know why.
same ph I had when with telecon, and could send/receive pic's fine.

Had been with telecom for years on the old CDMA, they changed to 3G, and I couldn't get reception here, they laughed when I said they should upgrade their cell tower as well. most ppl in out street lost reception when they went to 3G network.
So dumped them for 2degrees and never had a problem.

Allso dumped their land line and internet.
Im with slingshot for that now.

wron, May 2, 11:49am
2 degrees gets far better coverage where I live in a rural part of Auckland, above Henderson, Telecom / Spark was awful. Changed recently, they were really helpful and even arranged the termination of my Spark plan.
Wife has Vodafone as sick daughter has the same and they use best mates to keep in touch. Brother in law travels a lot round NZ and is on Vodafone with the latest Note, but also carries a cheapie Spark phone for when V has no reception.

stevo2, May 3, 1:24am
I've tried the lot over the past 15 years.
Latest was 2 degrees but changed to Skinny about 2 or 3 years ago.
Very happy with skinny.
They use the Spark network so coverage is better than 2 Deg/Vodafone around here.

king1, May 3, 3:42am
Like internet providers, they're all ugly - they just take turns being the ugliest.

wron, May 4, 11:08am
Oh no! My 2 degrees phone, Sony Z (ex Spark) stopped working, says no network coverage, even though I had lots of bars.
I rang the 0800 number and was speaking to a really helpful person in NZ in about 3 minutes - we went through all the menus but couldn't solve the problem, so taking the phone into a 2 D shop tomorrow. Can't remove battery like some. Will post an update.

wron, May 5, 5:17am
Just before heading to the 2degrees shop I closed it down and restarted twice, and it started working!
But time for a new phone, possibly the new S6 as the old Sony is no longer reliable.
I waiting for the Consumer review, specifically to see how they rate reception which is vitally important to be because of where I live.
I've read lots of overseas reviews and some people had problems with reception - metal body though Apple seem to have mastered this.

monsieurl, May 5, 9:26am
I'm on $19 prepay and sometimes top up an extra GB data, and have thousands of minutes calling time and unlimited texts to OZ and NZ which comes in handy with family and friends over there. TBH coverage is sketchy in the wops but urban is fine. I have no reason to leave as i don't believe any other providers can do better.

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