Wordpress help needed

fridakahl0, May 21, 7:08am
I need help setting up a blog. I've watched online tutorials - I think I need more than that.

brycer, May 21, 7:12am
seriously?. there are so many wordpress videos available that take you through step by step. There is help for everything WP related by googling. If you still can't work it out then just pay someone ( maybe a schoolkid) to set it up for you would be my suggestion, but it really isn't rocket science

suicidemonkey, May 21, 7:13am
Use Blogger. It's incredibly simple.

jancemord, May 21, 7:18am
How are you stuck

fridakahl0, Oct 30, 8:10pm
"Stuck" in the way of being realistic and aware that I'd rather have someone set it up and then I can modify it. Maybe I just need to have a go? I'd rather pay a 10 year old to set it up. but I think the child labour laws prohibit that.

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