Best 2nd hand graphics card for about $60 ?

crazydogtails, Mar 20, 6:34pm
Best 2nd hand graphics card for about $60 for gaming budget can stretch a little :)

schizoid, Mar 21, 1:15am
you can usually find a AMD 5770 or Nvidia GTX 460 for around that price.

lostdude, Mar 21, 5:16am
That's a GTS450, slower than the GTX260

schizoid, Mar 21, 7:25am
but it supports DX.11, which the 260 does not.

crazydogtails, Mar 21, 8:08am
@stevexc but it need to 6pin power ports :( could i use those molex adapters ?

schizoid, Mar 21, 8:13am
yes you can, I'd say that's a bit overpriced for 5 year old tech though.

olack, Apr 24, 2:52pm
5570 chipset graphics have always been good for me. 5770 gddr5 was better and cost about $120 at the time. Cheaper now.

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