Slingshot wifi continuously dropping out.

Hello, I am with Slingshot and my router is about 3 years old from Vodafone. I can log in to the router no problem to change the channel (if thats what the problem is) but my internet just drops all. the. time. Sometimes it drops out every two or three minutes for a minute each time and just reconnects.
Ive started using Chromecast so I notice it a lot more.
I'm currently on channel 11 and someone suggested changing it but to what one?
Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

geek_chchred, May 21, 8:50 pm

Does it drop out on wired connections too, or don't you have any?

geek_r.g.nixon, May 21, 9:39 pm

Hiya, I don't have any wired connections. Only mac products. The people at slingshot said it's not their end so it's between my router and computer/ipad.

geek_chchred, May 21, 9:45 pm

Try channel 1 & 6

geek_rz_zone, May 21, 9:53 pm

Thanks, 1 is no good as thats what it was on when I first noticed the problem.
Could it be too many connections on one router?

geek_chchred, Oct 31, 5:23 am

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