Thinking about upgrading to a new computer.

angeldrawers, Apr 27, 12:12am
Any recommendations? Currently have a 10 year old acer aspire, running vista. looking at possibly an HP all in one.

wayne416, Apr 27, 12:13am
NOT an all in one, glorified laptop.

fifi21, Apr 27, 12:14am
Do you work for Harvey Norman ?

vtecintegra, Apr 27, 12:15am
Which model did you mean to post? (the link goes nowhere)

angeldrawers, Apr 27, 12:17am

vtecintegra, Apr 27, 12:22am
I'd tend to avoid it - consumer grade HP stuff isn't great at the best of times, and the hardware in that one is largely rubbish.

How much do you value the all in one form factor?

angeldrawers, Apr 27, 12:26am
Really dont know quality brands from one another. looking at a desktop computer. with windows etc. Fast enough for all the day to day stuff. Really something that I can keep and use for a number of years. hopefully. lol

vtecintegra, Apr 27, 12:33am
Disagree on that first one - it has a netbook processor and is extremely slow.

The second one has a much better CPU but is still from HPs budget range and should be avoided if possible

trade_menow, Apr 27, 12:34am
You'd be better off talking to a dedicated computer store and getting a custom built system that way your paying for what you need and none of the bloated crap that comes preinstalled
if you must buy from a store - try to stay away from HP / Compaq / Acer and yes Stay away from all in one comps - unless your certain you never want to upgrade it ( Difficult and expensive ) and dont get bullied into there " extended warrenty " the CGA will cover you should you need it

r.g.nixon, Apr 27, 12:46am
- all worth checking for 'upgrade boxes' (if keeping keyboard, mouse, and screen)

tintop, Apr 27, 12:46am
Except for Smiths Dick. They don't know what CGA stands for.

trade_menow, Apr 27, 12:50am
" could go again " perhaps LOL

schizoid, Apr 27, 2:04am
agreed. When shopping for a computer, go to a computer store.

moltenfire, Apr 27, 3:04am
It means "Couldn't Give A" .

lythande1, Jan 11, 3:00pm

I recommend Computer Lounge.
I haven't bought a PC since 1998. Just upgraded it over the years, parts at a time. It evolves.

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