Laptop opening with every thing gone ?

goldilocks64, Feb 12, 5:51am
its like it has gone to restore or something. all files, photos and added systems have gone
Anyone got a clue as whats happened and how to fix. last time I used it in the morning it was good and I shut it down . then when I turned it on every think has gone and its working like its on defult settings
thanks for any help

monsieurl, Feb 12, 6:00am
Did you open it in safe mode?

goldilocks64, Feb 12, 6:04am
I closed it again and opened in safe mode but made no difference

king1, Feb 12, 6:12am
system restore.

goldilocks64, Feb 12, 6:38am
I want all my files and pics back

mechnificent, Feb 12, 6:57am
It sounds like your account as a user has been sabotaged. Google and you will see how to get it back again.

cookee_nz, Feb 12, 7:02am
they will be safe on your backup drive. oh. ? As said above, try windows system restore to go back to when it was last ok, or a day or two before then. Do not do a system recovery, that is a different process.

goldilocks64, Feb 12, 7:03am
what do I google?

goldilocks64, Feb 12, 7:39am
windows system restore only went back to this morning and failed to work

cookee_nz, Feb 12, 7:40am
n what do you mean "what do you google"? Suggestion is to try windows system restore as the first step. ** ah see you replied while I was typing. It may have loaded a default profile rather than your specific named one. This will be like creating a new user account, all folders will be new and empty. Old files should be there still but you'll need to know windows explorer to find them. You didn't get a message saying that your profile could not be loaded or similar?

king1, Feb 12, 8:10am
choose show more restore points then

Otherwise your files will likely be safe and well in
c:\users\[yourusername]\ etc.

goldilocks64, Feb 12, 8:40am
I might send it in to be fixed so I don't loss it all . thanks for your help

goldilocks64, Feb 12, 8:55am
I found it all thanks King1 now how do I get it from file desk top to my desk top?

cookee_nz, Feb 12, 8:56am
better safe than sorry, theres always help here but it can be slow, full of geek-speak and frustrating. Good luck with it. :-)

skin1235, Feb 12, 9:04am
all that has happened is you've lost or corrupted the user account

it will take 5 minutes at most to reinstate it

first need to know what version of windows you are running

then someone here ( not me) can talk you through repairing it with about 5 clicks and simply type your name in

it could also be as easy as switch users, may take a single click to fix

ianab, Feb 12, 9:06am
My guess.

You have a corrupted user profile. Usually if Windows can't load your settings, it creates a new "blank" profile, so you can get into the machine again. Your files and documents should stlll be there on the hard disk, just in the old "broken" profile.

Go and look in the c:\users\ area. Chances are you will find a folder called "Fred" and a new one called "Fred~1" that you are now using. (assuming your name is Fred). Then you can go in there and look for your files under Documents / Pictures / Music etc

skin1235, Feb 12, 9:07am
could it be as simple as changing user permissions so all users have admin access ( admin usually has access to all users files and data?)

gibler, Feb 12, 9:16am

mechnificent, Aug 18, 3:31am
Good man Gibler.

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