How to shrink to one page - printing from Chrome

When I used Firefox and I went to print out my Sold items from TM auctions I set the size in preview to 60% and usually that got all I needed on one page but if it moved to two pages I had the opportunity to either custom set the size or choose a lesser size like 50% and it showed it all on one page then.
Now I have changed to chrome I don't have that option. In preview it shows me how many pages it covers but i can't change it to get it all on one page. I have found the magnifying glass down the right corner but if I click on the minus one all it does is shrink the size of the print so it might only take up a column down the middle of the pages but it doesn't move anything from page 2 to page 1.
Is there any way to do this please?

geek_g14us, May 9, 12:14 am

Please - or is it impossible and I need to switch back to Firefox?

geek_g14us, May 9, 4:50 am

basically use the page zoom in the settings menu or CTRL +/- as against the zoom in print preview

geek_king1, May 9, 5:11 am

you could also try 'print using system dialogue' and see if you have scaling options in there

geek_king1, May 9, 5:13 am

Download and use Greenshot:

You will love it and it is so easy to use for capturing and printing.

geek_kew, May 9, 5:17 am

Many thanks for replying. I've tried system dialogue but that didn't give me any scaling options but I am off now to look at your other suggestion and the one from 'kew' too.

geek_g14us, Dec 8, 10:02 am