Hdd scrap dealers

mrfxit, Apr 4, 5:08am
Who in the North Island are the best to deal with a reasonable volume of DOA hdd's & pay a reasonable amount.
Either stripped or whole hdd's

nzoomed, Apr 4, 5:34am
You could call computer recyclers in Tauranga if you like, but really you want to be sending the drives to the same place he is, im not sure of the scrap agent, but a truck comes and collects them from him.

mrfxit, Apr 4, 5:49am
Scrap dealer/ agent is the info.
I have heard wonderful things about prices for stripped hdd's because the general dealers will only pay about .10 cents per kilo whole otherwise

nzoomed, Apr 4, 6:49am
heatsinks are also good things to put aside for scrap

namtak, Apr 4, 11:02am
Especially if they are solid copper ones.

chazboner, Apr 4, 11:02am
0800 Catman Wellington scrap metal and comp parts

jwlynx, Apr 5, 1:08am
Try your local (or any) Sallies Family Store (or other op shop). Generally comps donated are sent for scrap as they lack the expertise to clean up and resell.
A lot of electronic gear also ends up this way. luddites!

hakatere1, Apr 5, 2:07pm
Powerful magnets in hdd too.

mrfxit, May 2, 1:47am
Still looking for a scrap merchant that does hdd's at a better price then just mixed scrap.

d.snell, May 2, 1:52am
HDD's are mixed scrap, so I guess that's all you'll get unless you are prepared to dismantle and sort into different metals yourself. And if you consider that uneconomical, you've just answered your question as to why there aren't any dealers paying a higher rate for them :-)

ianab, May 2, 8:25am

The whole disk is a mess of steel / alloy / copper wire / plastic / weird stuff, all screwed together.

If you strip the disk then the alloy parts sell as "domestic aluminium" along with the heat sinks and beer cans. According to my scales the frame from an average hard drive is 5 - 10 beer cans. Hard to get rich dismantling computers. BUT, it beats paying $10 at the transfer station. Strip it and sell the scrap for one dollar, and you are $11 ahead.

cookee_nz, Dec 23, 4:14am
And all this because the original purchase price of these items is artificially low. Ie, the cost price for anything should include the full correct cost of disposal/recycling when it becomes end of life. If it costs $10, or $20 to dismantle an HDD then that should be levied as part of the base price to fund its eventual disposal, then we'd see repairs being more cost-effective.

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