Graphics Card.

sykotik_ninja, Jul 3, 2:46am
Asking on behalf of so:

Does anyone know how much would it cost to replace a graphics card in a Compaq Presario laptop. Details are rather sketchy as the guy having problems knows jack all about his laptop.

Any help appreciated.


schizoid, Jul 3, 3:01am
you cant

lugee, Jul 3, 3:07am
99% of laptops have either CPU integrated graphics, or a soldered down dedicated graphics unit. They cannot be replaced without replacing the entire motherboard (unless you are REALLY handy with SMD hot air rework, and have access to the very expensive workstation to do it).

The other 1% (usually high end gaming laptops) might have a replaceable card, but it's not the same as a desktop and they are difficult to find.

ceebee2, Jul 3, 4:50am
Maybe post his problem (In detail) and this forum can advise.

sykotik_ninja, Jun 27, 3:08am
Thanks for the replies. He was thinking of replacing the lap top but was wondering whether it could be saved.

Cheers all.

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