All days of the week Microsoft Access Table?

all_things_nice, May 19, 9:21am

I have created a table in Microsoft Access

One of my fields is 'Day'

I need to 'contain all of the days of the week' eg Monday to Sunday

I know you do this in 'Design View' but what function do I use and does it go under validation rule, and validation text?

I do have a 'startdate' field and in 'default value' I have put Monday = this date and Tuesday = this date and so on.
Thank you :)

theunicorn, May 20, 5:36am
If you have a single column named Day, and want that column to contain multiple days, then you need to create multiple rows.

If you want the column to allow multiple values and you want to restrict those values, you can use a validation rule. The rule should be of the form "In ("Monday", "Tuesday" . )". The validation text is what gets displayed if the error message if the validation rule is not met.

mikep, Nov 3, 3:23am
WeekDayName() takes an integer 1 to 7 (Sunday to Saturday) and returns the day name. Option arguments are True (= shorten name to 3 letters) and first day of the week (haven't quite figured that out but don't think you need it)

Strangely, I was looking this up this very day.

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