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duggin, Jun 6, 11:34pm
I've got a external hdd and enclosure without a power adapter.

The HDD says "+12V 0.219A".

I have a spare adapter with outputs: "+12V 1250mA" - which is 1.25A.

Question: Will that adapter fry the hdd, or can I use it safely?

shall, Jun 6, 11:47pm
As long as the Output is the same as in AC or DC and the correct polarity then you can use it ok, that just means the maximum it can supply, the hard drive will only use what it needs

duggin, Jun 6, 11:55pm
Another question as a result of your answer, sorry I don't know about this stuff:
The hdd enclosure power "plug thing" has a pin-in-the-centre, whereas the plug that comes from the adapter has a hole-in-the-center. Obviously the two will physically "mate" as I've tried it without power-on. But does that mean it's the correct polarity and safe?

duggin, Sep 10, 3:19am
I've viewed a picture of a WD Elements adapter for this caddy on the web, and the polarity is the same as the one I outline above. So it would seem safe. Many thanks shall, and to a lesser degree spyware.

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