RF cable Female Joiner - slippy

Im joining white RF cable which both ends have screw male fixed. I have been playing around with female joiner and getting intermitent picture when not fully joined. No picture when joined. Any ideas appreciated?

geek_racex, Feb 6, 6:31 am

Is this terrestrial (DVB-T) or satellite (DVB-S), goes to a UHF antenna or a sat dish?

geek_spyware, Feb 6, 6:40 am

Going to satellite dish

geek_racex, Feb 6, 6:49 am

You must have a short between braid and core or open circuit.

geek_spyware, Feb 6, 6:53 am

Thx. ill take a closer and harder look

geek_racex, Feb 6, 6:55 am

Thx spy - fixed for tonight. pulled inside of joiner out and have connected core only (will be rubbish viewing on TV anyways)

geek_racex, Sep 5, 7:22 am