Freeview install - what am i doing wrong ?

Ok so we just brought a house and in the living room there is a sky threaded outlet and an aerial socket , on the roof there is a sky dish and an aerial (I believe its uhf )
I have a smart TV and ive tried 2 things
*running hdmi from tv to a freeview box and then a threaded aerial cable from "line in " to the sky wall outlet
* an aerial cable from the TV to the aerial oulet

I then use the remote to scroll through "source" for the correct setting
both times the TV tells me nothing is connected , The TV was working with the previous owner

any help appreciated

geek_bergkamp, Jun 1, 8:25 pm

Have you git a multimeter, set on ohms and check across uhf aerial connection, to see if there is an open circuit. Sometimes the actual connections to the aerial become corroded,.Where I am I can put any old bit of cable in the aerial connection and get an acceptable picture.
Can you check your freeview to tv cable at a friends house, its really a case ofelimination.

geek_bill1451, Jun 1, 8:49 pm

Forgetting the rf side of things, can you even see the menu or logo etc

geek_shall, Jun 1, 9:33 pm

I see the freeview box logo but it says nothing is connected

when I plug into aerial cable I have run a search but it fails with "check connection"

geek_bergkamp, Jun 1, 10:05 pm

Have you got a threaded socket on the back of the tv you could plug the sky cable into?

geek_woagan, Jun 1, 10:45 pm

LNB (low noise blocks) come in typically two local oscillator frequencies, i.e., 11300 or 10750 MHz. If decoder was preconfigured to one frequency then change to the other.

Terrestrial is anyone's guess, may be that a mast head amp power supply was removed during the house shift.

geek_spyware, Jun 2, 10:58 am

If its a Sony TV , it will only work from a UHF aerial .

geek_barry68, Jun 2, 11:24 am

Funny that. My Sony Bravia works on both UHF and Dish.

geek_marywarren, Jun 2, 12:56 pm

What make and model is your TV?

geek_marywarren, Jun 2, 12:56 pm

Samsung "smart" TV

geek_bergkamp, Jun 2, 2:20 pm

ive had the TV and box working off a sky dish in previous house

geek_bergkamp, Jun 2, 2:21 pm

no just the normal aerial socket

geek_bergkamp, Jun 2, 2:22 pm

Modern installs may go back to a distribution amp in garage. Really not much one can do without equipment to determine that their is any signal at the outlets.

geek_spyware, Jun 2, 2:45 pm

I have great access to roof space from bedroom so I found the dish cable and screwed my cable into a splitter box close to where the cable comes inside . again nothing !

geek_bergkamp, Jun 2, 3:10 pm

Have you got it set to the right HDMI setting?

geek_marywarren, Jun 2, 5:00 pm

That's not the model. What is the model number

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jun 2, 5:35 pm

I have a newish LG also and I have the same problems with that so I don't think its the TV

geek_bergkamp, Jun 2, 7:34 pm

Some L-band (sat) splitters only pass power (to low noise block) on one leg.

geek_spyware, Jun 2, 7:42 pm

The problem lies in the wiring between the aerial and the freeview box
You need to check all plug/socket connections and cable terminations to aerial, just about put $$ money on it.

geek_bill1451, Jun 2, 7:42 pm

Is the freeview box satellite or terrestial ?

geek_aph4u1, Jun 3, 10:18 am

The biggest problem I've had helping friends setup freeview on UHF is previous owners or tenants have scarpered with the power supply unit that plugs into the system behind the TV and feeds power up to the mast head amplifier.

geek_kiwikidd77, Jun 3, 11:25 am

If its UHF try some bunny ears, if its working you will get something if on right side of house.

geek_wayne416, Jun 3, 11:31 am

its freeview satellite . should I have freeview terrestrial? confused.

geek_bergkamp, Jun 3, 8:34 pm

so plug your sat finder in and at least confirm you have a signal

that would be step one

without that you're just wasting your braincells

geek_skin1235, Jun 3, 8:37 pm

great , whats a sat finder

geek_bergkamp, Jun 3, 9:05 pm

getting a techie in tomorrow - i dont have enough brain cells for this

geek_bergkamp, Jun 3, 9:07 pm

this is a sat finder, it locates the satellite and shows you the signal strength, ie you turn the dish until the dish lines up and the signal is at its strongest, if 1mm off movement of the dish was 1 degree, the signal strength wil go from lowest to highest with only 2 mm of movement - the dish has to be aligned very precisely up or down or sideways ( think Aucks is 42 degree above horizon)

you plug it in series, line from tv or box in one side line to dish the other

may sound long winded but the dish has to receive from the tv/box in order to sense the signal, and once found will send that signal back to the box,
means if anything is not connecting you will find nothing, shows that the system is complete and capable of working - thats step one, then you know there is a signal to work with and can work through the other steps to actually see and enjoy it, no point stressing about what appears to be the tv fails to read the signal if you don't yet know if there is a signal for it to read in the first place

geek_skin1235, Jun 3, 9:25 pm

most roof sited dishes don't get shifted, ones on walls of houses often get nudged although it doesn't take a very big bird to nudge them when they're on the roof either
this issue has been there since you moved in - it may have been some part is missing, maybe a connection has been disturbed and now does not make contact, a sat finder will show you these thing, as well as allow you to check the signal strength when you finally have a connection

geek_skin1235, Jun 3, 9:28 pm

this all assumes you are going to use the dish, which is satellite originating

if you are going to use the uhf aerial thats a different game, get a pro in

geek_skin1235, Jun 3, 9:32 pm

gee did I have some "fun" with a satellite finder and as it turns out a bad LNB.

geek_gibler, Jun 3, 9:33 pm

yep, not that expensive to replace, generally come with a sat finder too

have you noticed rain-fade is often greatly reduced by checking and resetting the dish alignment, just a fraction off and every moderate shower shuts the tv down

geek_skin1235, Jun 3, 9:41 pm

Rain fade, just get a bigger dish.

geek_marywarren, Jun 4, 10:04 am

What was the out come?

geek_aph4u1, Jun 5, 10:32 am

I had fun with the first one I did, the kit for the dish included a satellite finder and it was a dud, took me hours before I got frustrated not being able to find any signal at all.

Lined it up instead by comparison with the neighbours, then used a friend to monitor the signal strength onscreen.

geek_gyrogearloose, Sep 17, 4:00 am

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